If You Hear an Earthquake Early Warning — Secure Your Own Safety First!

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An “Earthquake Early Warning” is a warning which warns of a big earthquake that is about to happen. When the warning sounds from your TV or mobile phone, they will give information on the predicted magnitude of the earthquake. Your mobile phone will receive an emergency email, too. After the warning sounds, you only have several to several tens of seconds before an earthquake strikes. You need to take the following actions immediately.

(1) Indoors

  1. Quickly search for somewhere safe. Get under something sturdy such as a desk or table and hold on to its legs.
  2. If there is no desk or table nearby, protect your head with something like a pillow or bag or move to where nothing will fall down, and crouch down.

(2) Outdoors

  1. Move away from objects which may collapse such as block walls, vending machines, old houses, etc.
  2. Look out for falling objects like glass, signs, slates, etc. and move to a clear area.

(3) While Driving

Pull over to the left side of the road and turn the hazard lights on.

(4) On a train or bus

  1. When you are seated, protect your head with something like a bag and bend down.
  2. When you are standing, hold on to a strap or a handrail.

(5) In an elevator

Press all the floor buttons and get out at the floor it stops.

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