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Mt. Minoh was found by a famous monk for training 1300 years ago. Since its forest has been believed to enhance the visitors’ power, many people visit the area. It is said that visiting 3 temples of “Ryuanji”, “Saikouji”, and “Katsuo-ji” located in this mountain at the beginning of a year brings visitors the strongest luck for the year. Would you like to experience Japanese culture through “Hatsumoude,” which people wish for new year’s luck and happiness by visiting local shrines and temples?

(1) Contents:

— Shuttle bus: Minoh Station, Hankyu Line → Katsuo-ji Temple → The Minoh Great Waterfall

— Walking: The Minoh Great Waterfall → Ryuanji Temple → Saikouji Temple → Minoh Station

— You will get a souvenir that brings you luck at the Information Center below by collecting stamps from 3 temples and completing your pictorial map given for the tour. (stamps: ¥300 each)

— Also receive a coupon for ¥300 which you can use at shops/cafes along the path from the waterfall. (only for adults)

(2) Date: every day from Mon., Jan. 1 (National Holiday) to Fri., Jan. 5, 2024

(3) Time: 8:45 – 13:20

※Closed when all the bus seats are sold out for each day.

Buses from Minoh Station: 9:00-13:30 (every 30 min., 10 buses/day)

Buses from Katsuo-ji: 9:45-15:40

※No reservations available.

(4) Place: Minoh Transportation Travel Information Center (Minoh Kotsu Kanko Annaisho) in front of Minoh Station, Hankyu Line

(5) Fee: ¥2,000/adults, ¥500/children

(Free for children under 3 years old without any bus seat.)

Please refer to the website of Minoh City Tourism Association (Minoh-shi Kanko Kyokai) for further information.

For details:

Minoh Transportation Travel Information Center (Minoh Kotsu Kanko Annaisho)

TEL: 072-723-1885 FAX: 072-721-1788


Minoh Sales Division (Minoh Eigyo-shitsu)

TEL: 072-724-6727 FAX: 072-722-7655


This article can be read in the following language: 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

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