Take Preventive Measures Against Heavy Rain

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In Japan the rainy season starts in June, and there are risks of disasters such as downpours and flooding. To decrease damage from heavy rain or flooding, be sure to take the following preventive measures as a regular routine.
(1) Clean up the rain ditches around your house.
If the ditches are full of fallen leaves, dirt and sand, water will not flow smoothly. The water may overflow into the streets and even into the houses. To ensure better drainage, make sure to clean up the ditches before it begins raining.
(2) Keep sandbags at home.
If you live in a house which may be flooded by rainwater in the entrance, etc., you may feel more secure by preparing sandbags. When it rains heavily, set up the sandbags in the water’s path. You can buy sandbags at a do-it-yourself store (home center).
(3) Always store 3 days-worth of food and drinking water.
This will also be helpful in the event of an earthquake.
a. Drinking water: 9 liters for each person (3 liters a day for 3 days)
b. Foods: Canned/bottled/retort-packed foods that do not require cooking
(4) Prepare an emergency take-out bag.
a. To prepare for power failures, pack a flashlight, a battery-powered radio, and extra batteries in the bag and put it in a place near the entrance of your home. Such preparation also comes in handy when you must evacuate to safer places in the case of natural disasters such as heavy rain, typhoons, and earthquakes.
b. Pack as many water bottles and as much light-weight foods as you can carry.
c. Your emergency bag should include, as needed, diapers and food for infants, medications, spare eyeglasses or contact lenses, sanitary napkins, tissue paper, etc.
For details: Civil Defense Office (Shimin Anzen Seisaku-shitsu)
TEL: 072-724-6750 FAX: 072-724-6376
e-mail: bousai@maple.city.minoh.lg.jp

This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

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