Seven Hints for Preventing House Fires

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Many house fires are caused out by carelessness. People can prevent fire with the following “3 habits and 4 preparations.”

3 habits (to prevent fire):

(1) No smoking in bed.

(2) Do not put heaters near flammable things.

(3) Be sure to turn off gas when you leave the stove.

◆4 preparations (to escape or to reduce damages in case of fire):

(1) Install fire alarms to escape quickly.

(2) Use non-flammable (flame-resistant) fabrics for beddings, clothing and curtains.

(3) Equip fire extinguishers to put out fire at an early stage.

(4) Check with your neighbors so that they can help each other to protect elderlies and disabled persons from fire.

For details: Fire Prevention Office, Fire Department Headquarters (Shobo Honbu Yobo-shitsu)

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This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

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