Effective as of April 1, Legally, a Youth Reaching 18 Years Old Is a Major (Adult)

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By the revision of the Civil Code effectuated April 1, 2022 lowering the age of adulthood from 20 to 18, those who are aged 18 or 19, same as those aged 20, become competent in almost all scopes, such as signing a contract at individual discretion. Please note drinking, smoking and several other matters stay fixed at 20.
◆10 year adult passport is available for 18 year olds
Those who are 18 years old or 19 are eligible to apply for a 10-year adult passport in addition to the originally eligible 5-year passport.
◆Minoh’s coming-of-age ceremony is still held for 20 year olds
In place of the original coming-of-age ceremony, Minoh City will hold a “20 Years of Age Fest (20-sai-no-tsudoi)” in January、2023 for youth newly reached 20 years old.
For details (in general): Citizen’s Information Division (Shimin Service Seisaku-shitsu)
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For details (about passport) Family Registry & Change of Address Division (Koseki Jumin Ido Shitsu)
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e-mail: koseki@maple.city.minoh.lg.jp
For details (about the coming-of age ceremony) Lifelong Learning & Citizen’s Activities Division (Shogai Gakushu Shimin Katsudo-shitsu)
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This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

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