Free Legal Aid Service for Single-parent Families

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This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

A “single-parent family” means a household consisting of a mother and a child/children, or a father and a child/children. If you became a single parent by divorce or other reasons, or are planning to divorce, you can receive free legal advice from a lawyer about your problems and concerns.

Scope of consultation

Child support (payment receivable for child raising), parent-child visitation (arrangements to ensure face-to-face contact with separated children), alimony, distribution of property and pension splitting and other arrangements to be made at divorce and the recovery of unpaid child support, etc.

Date: Sat., Dec. 19, 2020 and Tue., Jan. 28, 2021

Time: 13:00-16:00 (25 minutes per person)

Place: General Reception of Child & Youth Support (Kodomo Sogo Madoguchi)

Fee: Free

Application: Please call Childcare Support Division (Kosodate Shien-ka) for appointment.

For details: Childcare Support Division (Kosodate Shien-ka)
TEL: 072-724-6738 FAX: 072-721-9907

This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

Multilingual Desk for Daily Life Consultation

If you have difficulties in contacting each organizer or department, please ask MAFGA. We are ready to help you.

TEL: 072-727-6912
Date and Time: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~17:00
How to use our services: Visit, e-mail or call our center.
Available languages: Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Portuguese

We respond to consultations about childcare, education, work, medical care, welfare, visa status or any other problems and worries you might have.
Consultations are free of charge and will be strictly confidential.

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