Safety/Disaster prevention

Survey on disaster prevention literacy among non-Japanese residents

A major earthquake could occur anytime and anywhere in Japan. We would like to use your feedback to examine how to impro...

Information About the Heavy Rain

Please see the City website for the latest information. 箕面市市民安全政策室 電話:072-724-6750
Information from MAFGA

Would You Like to Be a “comm cafe” Chef?

The comm cafe is looking for a one-day chef. Would you like to be a chef and serve the food of your country? You do not ...
Safety/Disaster prevention

If You Hear an Earthquake Early Warning — Secure Your Own Safety First!

An “Earthquake Early Warning” is a warning which warns of a big earthquake that is about to happen. When the warning sou...

When You Have Problems with Work or Troubles in the Workplace

The “Labor Consultation Desk” at the Osaka Prefectural Comprehensive Labor Office provides consultation services for tho...

Additional Applications for Newly Introduced Grant-type City Scholarships

Minoh City has newly offered a grant-type scholarship to students who may be unable to go to high school or technical co...

Applying for Nurseries (Entry in April 2020)

Applications for municipal and private nurseries, Nintei-Kodomoen (certified day nurseries), or small-scale childcare fa...

Health Check-up for New Elementary Schoolchildren and Kindergarteners

Health check-ups will be given to children entering a municipal elementary school or a municipal kindergarten in April 2...

Provisional Benefits for Child Rearing Allowance Recipients

The Chile Rearing Allowance is for parent/guardian of a child who cannot live either with his/her father or mother. It i...

Please Use “Chokotto Hoiku” (Short Time Nursery)

“Chokotto Hoiku” is a service in which people who have children can leave their children at daycare for one hour or more...