Annual Emergency Drill – Sunday, January 17, 2021

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An emergency drill is a way to practice what to do in the event of a major earthquake and other disasters. Minoh City carries out a citywide emergency drill on January 17 every year. The drill for 2021 will be held on Sunday and joining the drill with your whole family is encouraged. The drill starts at 10:00. When it starts, you will hear the announcement through the “disaster prevention speakers” in your neighborhood. All drills and events which are usually held at evacuation centers are cancelled due to the spread of the novel coronavirus in 2021. Practice the following things at your home.

Put up a “yellow handkerchief” in front of the house

In Minoh City, “yellow handkerchiefs” are used to quickly confirm if residents are safe. Please put up a “yellow handkerchief” in front of your house, at the entrance for instance, if everyone in your family at home is safe without injury after a disaster. It informs neighbors, “Our family is all right!” During the drill, pick up a yellow cloth at home and find out where is the best place to put it up. (You may use any big eye-catching yellow cloth or towel.)

Listen to the FM radio ‘Tackey 816’ (81.6MHz) with your family

Minoh City will repeatedly announce the information about evacuation, opening evacuation centers, lifeline restoration, distribution of relief supplies and situation of damage when disaster occurs. Prepare a radio set and listen to ‘Tackey 816’ in the case of emergency. You can also listen to ‘Tackey 816’ through smartphones. A special program will be broadcasted from 10:00 on the day of drill.

Confirm your daily preparedness for disaster with your family

To reduce the damage of disaster, it is important to make preparations at home. During the drill, check with your family whether your preparation is enough.

(1) Stock food and drinking water to last 3 days at home.

(2) Prepare an emergency bag.

(3) Always keep the bathtub full of water.

(4) Always keep your car’s gasoline full.

(5) Check the location of furniture and fix it against the wall, etc.

(6) Confirm the place where your family meet again in the case of being separated.

For details: Civil Defense Office (Shimin Anzen Seisaku-shitsu)
TEL: 072-724-6750 FAX: 072-724-6376


This article can be read in the following language: 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

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