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Students who may be unable to go on to high school or technical college due to their financial reasons are eligible to apply for a scholarship or a loan from Minoh City.
◆Types of scholarship:
(1) Grant-type scholarship (no need to repay)
Amount: \50,000 per year
Limit: About 500 students (chosen by lottery, if the number of applications is over the limit)
(2) Student loan (needs to be repaid after graduation)
Scholarship loan amount: Up to \150,000 for public high schools per year, up to \300,000 for private high schools per year
Limit: About 20 public high school students, and about 20 private high school students
Those who meet all the following conditions
a. High school or technical college students,
b. Their guardian(s) are Minoh resident(s), and
c. Their guardian(s) are, for the scholarship (1 above) — exempted from the resident tax for FY2023 (except those receiving welfare benefits), and for the loan (2 above) — guardian(s) whose income in FY2022 is 1.5 times or less than the welfare standard
◆Application Forms and Application Guides:
You can get them at the School Life Support Division at Minoh City Office, Toyokawa Branch or Todoromi Branch from Mon., Apr. 3 to Tue., Dec. 5 for the scholarship (1 above), and from Mon., Apr., 3 to Fri., Apr. 28 for the loan (2 above). They can also be downloaded from the Minoh 
City website. (Available in Japanese only)
Application form and guide for the scholarship (1 above)
https://www.city.minoh.lg.jp/edukanri/documents/r5_kyuuhu_bosyuuyoukou. pdf
Application form and guide for the loan (2 above)




◆How to apply
For the scholarship (1 above) — Fill out an application form and take it to the School Life Support Division or send it by post.
For the loan (2 above) — Fill out an application form and take it to the School Life Support Division. You can’t apply by post.
※ Neither (1) nor (2) is accepted at Branch Offices.
For details: School Life Support Division (Gakko Seikatsu Shien-shitsu)
TEL: 072-724-6760 FAX: 072-724-6010
e-mail: edushien@maple.city.minoh.lg.jp

This article can be read in the following language: 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

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